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How do you rate a healthy Blog?

Excellent Blog Design?

Good number of Comments?

Backlinks , No of Post Publish ?

All are good but the most of them all lies on your  WebHost. . . Good webhost = Happy readers.

I’m proud to tell you that this Blog is Fully hosted at Hosting Fever, mind you am not saying this to entice you nor to drag you along with me.

If your aim as a blogger was to make money, then a Good web hosting is not an optional . [Read more…]

How to Send & Receive Money Through PayPal Account Here in Nigeria

So at last, i now have the full access to Send and Receive money through Paypal in a restricted country, Nigeria.  .  even after when  Osaezie said we shouldn’t use it yet .

I’m quiet sure that you may have been looking for this opportunity to enjoy just like me .  but you have got nothing to worry any longer ,  Its never too late.

For i’ll  teach and guide you on How you can Receive and Send Money Through Paypal here in Nigeria with no step escape .

I promise, i’ll not skip any part of this tutorial by any chance.

For it’s a good news that our Nigerians internet users can now create, access , Receive and Send Money through Paypal without the fear of getting ban due to wrong IP Log-in and False info submission .

I personally, was so happy when this information was revealed to me .  if you’d remember when we sign the petition to be giving back a full ( and not more limited access to Paypal) . [Read more…]

The Best Way to Confirm your Website on Pinterest that Drives a Lot of Visitors

There are some simple techniques to get extra guests and extra impressions on search outcome and get first web page without making any backlink. Pinterest verification is one among them.

Earlier than shifting on tutorial some issues to learn about Pinterest verification, the way you turn into benefited by verifying your web site.

Why it is Best to Confirm your website on Pinterest?

There are a number of motive, to confirm your website, In bellow i describe a few of them from my private technique.


  1. Get Extra Guests: All web site homeowners need to get extra focused site visitors; they use totally different methodology to get extra visitors.

Pinterest is one among them to get extra web site guests. When folks see your enticing photograph then they turn out to be interested by your small business. A correct picture tells consumer greater than a thousand phrases. [Read more…]

GoogieHost Review: Free Web Hosting for Lifetime.

Are you struggling every day to balance the downtime of your blog?

Having slow blog loading because of bad hosting company can scare away your readers from visiting next time.

Don’t you think now is the right time to make a better turn-around for a change and move to a better hosting.

Though there’s none to guarantee 100% up-time but GoogieHost assures you of 99%. For sometimes your Blog Theme, Widgets and plugins might weigh down your blog loading time – So use less (Only the important items).

As a matter of fact, GoogieHost is the Best Free Web Hosting Company Service provider. [Read more…]

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